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What's in the Kit?

The Kit contains a CD, a child's song book, magnetic board with 26 magnets and a step-by-step manual for parents. The Kit is designed to assist your child to acquire the skills necessary for developing reading from an early age. It introduces reading as a series of step-by-step activities that are easy and fun for children.

Song CD

The song on the CD assists children in learning the correct sounds for each letter of the alphabet. The sounds were carefully recorded under the author's supervision in accordance with those taught by speech pathologists. The catchy tune and animal actions keep children dancing and learning for hours.

Song Book

Each page of the song book correlates to a line of the song on the CD. Children love listening to the song on the CD and following the matching picture and lyrics in their song book. Watch children gain confidence as they read their song book proudly to others.

Magnetic Board

The magnetic board (56cm x 41.5cm) folds in half and has printed on it all the letters of the alphabet. The 26 individual magnets each depict one of the pictures from a line in the song on the CD. Children are attracted to the bright, smiling animal characters on each of the magnets. Through many of the board's fun magnet games, children learn vital reading skills without even realising!
Parent's Manual

In 7 easy steps, the manual explains how to use each of the kit's components and much more. Children love all the fun activities outlined in each of the steps. Also, learn how to engage your child in reading, using books you may already own.

Preschool & Daycare Centres successfully using our program to teach reading:


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