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Frequently Asked Questions

From time to time I will add popular questions to this site, in response to your feedback.

When should I begin this program?

The CD song may be played from birth and certainly, the earlier you show the pictures to your child, the earlier he/she will learn them.

How often should I do the activities?

As often as your child likes. This may be once a day or even once a week. Also, the time spent doing an activity may vary from a few minutes to 15 or 20 minutes. Your child should not feel "forced" to do an activity. Remember, this is FUN for your child.

I love the activities in Step 7 that teach me what to do with books I already have, but how do I know when to begin these activities?

Your child needs to show he/she understands what is meant by the "first sound of a word". If your child is unable to do this, then go back to one of the previous activities in Step 6 where this concept is reinforced.

Is there anything else I should be doing with my child to develop reading?

Yes, as mentioned in the manual, it is important to read aloud to your child. Just as children need to be exposed to lots of language to become good talkers, so too they need to hear lots of reading to become good readers. Read at least 3 books every day to your child. It doesn't matter if these books are familiar ones or new ones. Just read and enjoy lots of books together.
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